Nike Kobe 9 Elite – “What The Kobe”


Probably the only “What The” that will be released, as o where the patterns are extremely subtle and muted. Originally utilized on the classic Nike SB “What The Dunk” years ago, before making its way to Nike Basketball back in 2012. The new version of the “What The Kobe” makes a return on January 2015.

Screen-Shot-2014-12-19-at-1.37.50-PM-1024x783 Screen-Shot-2014-12-19-at-1.38.12-PM-1024x785

Remixing product design elements and incorporating a selection of colors from previous Kobe 9 models, the Kobe 9 Elite “What The” is comprised of a multicolor Flyknit upper in varying shades of neon green, blue, orange and more, while additional details include reflective tonal graphics, a neon, speckled midsole, and a well thought print pattern in the inner collar. Again, even with all that the shoes match each other, which is not a common “What The” feature.

Screen-Shot-2014-12-19-at-1.38.31-PM-1024x783 Screen-Shot-2014-12-19-at-1.37.58-PM

The Kobe 9 Elite “What The” is slated to release at select Nike retailers, starting January 10, 2015. Although no official pricing has yet to be determined, look for a potential premium price tag; ie $250+ …. Happy Hunting … CD Spitz

via: NIKE


FowL “Nicki Minaj” (audio)


FowL wants the money, power and Nicki Minaj – with or without Tony Montana’s approval.According to FowL, he believes he can one day be Nicki’s side piece and would like to buy his way inside the government. How these go hand in hand is unclear but FowL somehow believes there’s a correlation. Here’s the track to form your own opinions.

Lion Babe “Jungle Lady” (video)


The artist(s) known as Lion Babe who is actually a duo consisting of female songstress Jillian Hervey and beat maker Lucas Goodman just released a visual for their “Jungle Lady” song. The two just released a four track EP, which also includes a collaboration with Childish Gambino. Take a stroll with this tribalistic woman through the streets of the Big Apple and let us know what you think of the soulful sound.

Dave “East Let It Go” (video)


Harlem’s Dave East wears a crown on his head as he tells you to “Let It Go.”The last track on Dave’s mixtape, Black Rose, is “Let It Go.” A violin goes heavy throughout the whole track, which adds a different dynamic. Dave worked with a slew of producers, bringing a different sound to each song on his mixtape and this particular cut was produced by Charlie Beatz.

Update: Ongoing Nike Legal Battle



Following the 600+ page deposition from Nike’s $10 million lawsuit against three ex-designers, who moved to adidas, suggest that one of them was working on a Victor Cruz x Nike Sportswear project. This was submitted to courts by Benjamin Cotton of CyTech Services, the computer forensic analysis firm Nike used in the investigation of the three designers prior to their departure from the company. Details include Marc Dolce’s alleged theft of future Nike designs. In his evidence findings, Cotton says that Dolce sent himself an email full of company files in a folder called “FINAL VICTOR” with the subject line “victor cruz final cads” (CADS are 3D wire-frame models that usually go towards the complete production).

Marc Dolce was in fact a design director at Nike Sportswear, so if he was working on a Victor Cruz project, it’s likely that it would have been for that category. With that said “CAD” could also be used in other design, but Dolce was primarily focused on footwear. Even with this seeming like it’s damaging evidence against Dolce, there is also no evidence that these designs were for a VC 1. With all the new projects that have been worked on by Dolce recently, many of them have been existing silhouettes that cannot be translated to any other sneaker brands.


This Victor Cruz x Nike Sportswear project is one of the physical items mentioned by Nike in their allegation against Dolce which states the following: “Dolce sent an email to his personal email account with highly confidential design drawings related to an as-yet unreleased shoe designed for one of Nike’s sponsored athletes.” Their word choice here is not too specific on whether the shoe will eventually release, but Nike certainly has reason to pull the project now. Whether if they think that adidas has seen the design or maybe Cruz’s current injury may not make him a very marketable athlete, but then again injury didn’t hurt Kevin Durant or Kobe’s sale numbers.

Nike could not be reached for comment through any source, on the possible Victor Cruz project, but stay tuned ….. CD Spitz