DOLA – Ch. 1 Night Vision (ALBUM)

Night Vision Back

Chapter one is a personal perception of life in the eyes of an adolescent and the things you learn and adapt to in spite of the regulations set in place by school, law, church or parents. The sin that taints your innocence within the systems that were constructed to conserve that exactly, all in the midst of finding your voice. In a sense, ch. 1 is the reaction of the pupil or dslr lens in a dark setting as it adjusts it’s focus in search of light.
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Bethany Benz says she wants to See an Amber Rose Sex Tape (video)


Bethany Benz sat down with VladTV where she spoke about her career in porn, when she plans to branch out and reveals that she’s actually not an avid porn watcher.Benz says she doesn’t feel pornography should be anyone’s long term goal, and so she plans to retire from the industry at the end of the year to pursue other interests. She also admits that she doesn’t watch much porn, but watches her own scenes to critique herself.When asked who she’d like to see make a sex tape, she replies Amber Rose and Jennifer Lopez, but with Jennifer being so high profile she doubts that will ever happen. She is however keeping her fingers crossed for Amber.

Crooked I and King Tech Have a Big Announcement (video)


From going to high school together to seeing the same vision of hip-hop culture to starting The Wake Up Show together and helping artists such as Eminem, King Tech stops by the Sway In The Morning studios with Crooked I who has a huge announcement for hip-hop heads everywhere.

Heckler ft. Bernz (of ¡Mayday!) & Garcia – Any Means Necessary (VIDEO)

heckler any means necessary

Heckler ft. Bernz (of ¡Mayday!) & Garcia – Any Means Necessary (VIDEO)

Heckler ft. Bernz (of ¡Mayday!) & Garcia – Any Means Necessary (official video) produced by BeatsNdaHood off Heckler’s “Life & Entertainment” album.

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Directed by Garcia for Crazy Hood Film Academy