Mickey Factz – Mickey Mause Mixtape

So this came out a few months back and to me I feel that any one who appreciates good music should give this a listen. Forget the genre, just think good music. If you are an 80’s baby this tape will make total sense to you. If you are a fan of street art and art in general you will love this. What can I say, I am first and foremost a fan of music and the artistry behind it. It could be that I just happened to listen to this tape at the right time in my life and it just hit me the right way. Mickey does what I have yet to hear any other rapper do on this tape. This is coming from a person who listens to 5-10 new albums a week (mix tapes included). Mickey does well capturing the essence of street art and living in the 80’s. Its extremely detailed and meticulously put together.Even the skits are so fresh that i listen to them with out skipping. I will admit if these are things you know nothing about then a lot of this will go over your head. But if you take the bare elements of lyricism and beats you still have an amazing project.Unfortunately like any great work of art, sometimes its not appreciated until way after the fact. Download this Project and be on the look out for a Miami Appearance in the near future.