Livin Proof 5 year Anniversary and FREE MIXTAPE!

So we always try to keep all the content original and try not to rip off other blogs. In this instance our homies ove in the UK (Living Proof crew) never send us shit so we have to go dig for it!
Much love to Living Proof though. They have Londons #1 Hip Hop party… How do I know? They make work the door every time I visit London and I get to see all the people goin ham.


Livin’ Proof, aka. London’s number one hip-hop night aka. the love-child of DJ Rags, DJ Snips, DJ Khalil and Budgie aka. my preferred night to fist-pump and chug beers at, celebrated their fifth birthday at XOYO this weekend. What was once a tiny club night has this year come into its own and been able to throw its balls around, after bringing A$AP Rocky over for his first ever show, and of course doing the same with the inimitable Danny Brown in Noisey’s 24 Hours With Danny Brown.

Obviously, I’m going to be bias, so there’s not much point in me writing some shit about how Saturday night was TOTALLY AMAZING AND OMG DID THEY SLAY THAT CROWD, without being met with lots of eye-rolling and “welp, of course you’re going to say that”. But…it was TOTALLY AMAZING AND OMG DID THEY SLAY THAT CROWD!

If you don’t believe me, here’s a taster of what you missed out on, with the crowd losing their shit to Kendrick (obvs.)

Livin’ Proof 5th Birthday Party from Livin' Proof on Vimeo.