Lex One & Mike Beatz – Beautiful ft. Sha Stimuli & Chloe Fiducia

lex one sha stimuli mike beatz

This collabo was one of the most random things to happen. Mike Beatz and I were in London on tour and chillin at DJ Snips’s crib(where we were living at the time) in Brixton and he walks in with Sha Stimuli who also happened to be on tour. Earlier that day I had been bugging snips to flip the Queen Latifa “U.N.I.T.Y” sample for me. So he did, with some assistance by Mike Beatz (if my intoxicated brain serves me right). After building with Sha for a bit we vibed and recorded 2 tracks. This is one of them. I always loved it but didn’t have any project for it to go on. So now instead of just letting it grow old (older) on a hard drive we give this track to you. Its a bit on the uptempo side but hey were in 2012 get over it!