Munchi Murders EDM

Saying Munchi is a unique individual does not do him justice. From turning down big money to have one of his songs used by a rapper on a major label to his take on styles like moombahton, trap, bubbling, 3ball, and others, he does everything on his own terms. With a personality thats bigger than his hair, there are few out there that can say they dont love what Munchi does. When it was announced he was going to be doing a mix for Diplo and friends, the twitterverse went a buzz with wondering what tracks would be in it. Rest assured it would be almost entirely tracks Munchi had his hands on. The night came and Munchi murdered EDM. DEAD. Then danced on its grave with some core sounding shit as the funeral song. Its also marked the first time Batcha had ever been played on BBC radio 1. Now the mix is finally available for download for all those that missed it.