Changing a Game Changer


When Tempora came out in late June of 2011 it was a game changer. Not only did it push the moombahton subgenre moombahcore, but it also drew in Drum N Bass and Dubstep producers who had shunned moombahton as a whole. It took the dem bow and added neurofunk elements and combined them into a crushing roller that was much loved by those in the know. Given away by El Cuco Recordings, it quickly cemented the label as the go to for moombahcore. It also brought Bro Safari (aka Knick of Evol Intent) to the top of the moombah producer heap, and introduced the world to the talented Texas producer Le Doom. Now over a year and a half later the tune gets reborn by the hands of El Cuco label boss Mendez.

(below are the remix followed by the original)