Top Songs Dedicated to Mother’s


1.Boys II Men “A Song for Mama”
This song will forever be one of the top hits showing respect and admiration to our lovely mothers. With unforgettable lines like “loving u is like food for my soul and “you will always be the girl in my life for all time.” One of the most rememberable tracks in the Soundtrack for the movie SoulFood in 1997.

2.Tupac “Dear Mama”
If you were around when this track and music video came out, even if you couldn’t relate, this man literally made you understand just exactly what was his struggle. Paying much respect to his mother, he opened up the video with his mom admitting to being in jail throughout her pregnancy and being released just weeks before his birth. Admitting his mother was a “crack fiend” but still putting her on the highest pedestal and respecting her for being a single mother. Whether you lived through the same struggles or not his lyrics connected with everyone when shedding light in the debt a child feels towards their parent.

3. Kanye West “Hey Mama”
Yeezy had publicly talked about his mom and flaunted her around as his #1 supporter so many times before this song was released, so it was only inevitable. While not ashamed to show his “mamas boy ways” He portrays his unique childhood vividly and promises to make up for every tear shed, advice given, and different route taken on life. Rest In Peace to the beautiful Donda West.

4. Jay-Z “Blueprint(Momma Loves Me)
This is truly a personal favorite. Jayz uses his storytelling to shed some light on his mom, but not only her! He emphasizes on how much his mother loved him, and how he was abandoned by his father, yet still proudly states
“streets gave me all I write in this song.” He shows the audience how he was raised by a single mother but still had supporting family and friends and a community who helped raise him. Attesting that it truly takes a village to raise a child. He appreciates everyone who helped him and his mom, guide him throughout his life. The business man brings up how much of a baby boy he was to those people and how through his transition from the drug scene to music scene, his Momma still loves him.

5. Drake “Look What You’ve Done”
One of the few times we hear drake talk about this particular woman in his life. Starts off literally storytelling with dates, walking you through his arguments with his mom and being so frustrated with her illness. Shedding light on their huge disagreements but also being able to offer her so much through Wayne helping him be successful. Similar to Jayz, he recognizes other guardians in his life, like his uncle. Expressing how much love and support he showed Drake.

6. Los “Conversation with My Angel”
Relating to an angel who speaks to him in his sleep while he battles the demons and anger he has; he expresses how she is the reason why he can let go of the pain and grief. This angel protects him and warns him of the negativity in this world. Every time he speaks to her he suddenly feels better and more hungry for success. His angel gives him confidence, patience, and obedience just with her words. Los concludes the song by letting the audience know this angel is his mother.

7. Wale “Illest Bitch”
Wale recognizes the women out there who deal with baby daddy drama but still hold down themselves and their family. Respecting and admiring her struggle. He lets her know how beautiful she is,”stretch marks make her self conscious but I kiss them when we sexing.” Hoping that his words (from an outsiders point of view) could help her realize her worth and strength. Letting her know that “Perfection doesn’t exist if it doesn’t consume her.”
Giving all single moms on their hustle out there, a sense of confidence and attraction to men who respect their own mothers and women like them.

8. Eminem “Cleaning Out My Closet”
I didn’t say all of these songs would show love to moms out there. On this track, Eminem claims he isn’t trying to hurt his mom by speaking the truth but must get it off his chest. He sheds light on 1973, where his father left him and he wishes he was dead. His relationship with his mom wasn’t much better. Publicly, admitting to the world she was dealing with her own mental illness; he dealt with an abusive childhood and for that he chooses to stay out of her life and keep her away from his children’s lives as well. This is a different perspective from one of the most respected rappers towards his mother.

9.Outkast “Mrs Jackson”
The duo takes sometime on their Stankonia album to dedicate a song to baby mama-Mamas. Big Boi shows respect to his child’s grandmother, yet she still resents him by sending boys from the neighborhood to fight him and looks at him as a paycheck and despises him. 3000 tries to prove to his girl’s mom that he has something real with her and that she should trust his intentions. Big Boi takes some time to call out the baby mama for playing victim all the time and not taking responsibility for the way she treats him and getting in between her and her friends. These men are fed up.

10.Jay-Z “I Made It”
Mr.Carter comes back years and albums later to claim his success and fame. In the most sophisticated way possible, he lets his mother know that he’s dealt with the grief of his missing father and hope he’s making him and his nephew proud. His success is only the product of having his loving mother on his side. He’s musically toasting to his inspiration, and being proud of the legacy she’s started. Definitely showed the growth within this rapper.

11.Beanie Siegel feat. Scarface “Mom Praying”
These two talk about how strong their grandma and mom are. Still willing to giving a beating, cooking in the kitchen, and living their godly lives. Clearly saying his heart holds two respects; one for his mother and the woman who raised her. Reassuring them that as a child he’s weathered the storm with her. Titling His mother as
“slash teacher, slash preacher, slash changed nurse.”

12.Brand Nubian “Momma”
Lord Jamar introduces to the audience his young mother who wasnt aware at the time that her love with their father wouldn’t work out but still had three kids and was dedicated to raise them. The group promises that their mother is their favorite woman who sits and supports them even though she doesn’t agree with their decisions. Like the rest of us, they understand the heartache a mom has to go through witnessing the mistakes their children make and apologize for acting like know it alls.