The Combat Jack Show: The 2 Chainz Episode

combat jack

We were down in ATL for this year’s A3C conference and had the opportunity to do a live sit down with the “Hair Weave Killer”. My goal was to get 2 Chainz to talk about things he never talks about. Like how he values Lil Wayne’s mentorship. And how he never thought being dumb was cool. And how some consider him to be an EDM artist. I wanted the audience to walk away knowing that you can’t judge a book by its cover, or a Tity Boi by his name. Internets, this episode right here is different.

So this actually pretty dope. While getting lost on the streets of ATL , Streetrunner, Rugah Rahj and myself literally stumbled into a small bar with no more than 30 people and one of them was 2 Chainz and the other was Combat Jack. It was a very intimate interview with a larger than life artist.