The BenchWarmers Clique: THE UGLY

the ugly

South Florida based duo Travisty and Joka Wild are some UGLY dudes! But not the kind of ugly that only their Mothers would love… more like they make music so effortlessly classic it’s disgusting. Although The BenchWarmers Clique’s last project The Adventures in 8 bit was a nostalgic masterpiece of creativity, I am personally excited to hear the group return to their flawless formula of story telling over smooth samples. The Ugly is a collaboration of ten unique tracks which take the listener on a voyage through the depths of “ugliness” around us. The album features appearances by Dynas, REKS, Iron Ora, Epidemic, and Llamabeats. And with Jewbei and 1914 on the production, cuts by DJ Yahtz and DJ Heron, and mixin’ and masterin’ by George ‘Spitz’ Massa of the Lllamabeats you won’t be disappointed from the second you press play to the moment you realize you might have a little ugly in you too!

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