UK HIP HOP: V.A.S. – They Pretend #GTPSUK

They Pretend

There is no doubt that GTPS member ‘V.A.S.’ has an unstoppable force with his work rate, along with his catchy hooks (as always). This self produced track titled ‘They Pretend’ is very relatable to pretty much all of us who watch this video & listen to this track. It takes you back to that time you felt certain emotions (lets not give it away if you haven’t watched it already). Together with the delivery of his vocals, the mean production, & the direction of this video, V.A.S. brings you something yet again different to the whole UK scene with his cheeky persona. The actor Charles Mnene displays such as amazing performance in this video & it is no surprise as this talented individual never ceases to grab the viewers attention.
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