6 Cardinal – Genesis (Prod. By Ayce Boogie)

Cover Art by:  Mic Bebe

Cover Art by: Mic Bebe

When you really respect the artistry of music, a highly intricate beat or well delivered lyrics alone are not enough to satisfy your craving. Combined, they create a highly potent sensory experience that can transform your melancholy mood from an all time low to the ultimate HIGH. 6 Cardinal delivers on this killer combination with the release of Genesis this week. The Ayce Boogie production is flawlessly smooth and 6 Cardinal compliments the track with nothing less than poetic perfection. Aspiring emcees, take notes… this is “intergalactic wordplay”.


Where do I begin? The flow is interchangeable with oceans and the goings of the wind/
my mind is like the planets that’s named after Roman gods, I be the rolling stoner, highly potent got me going far/
pen twich, zen shit, boy I’m so forensic, highly scientific I enlist the five senses/
kush getting blown, from the highs to the lows, feel the vibe and let it ride cuz it reside within my soul/
when I’m rhyming I be finding white, diamonds in the snow/
and like dominoes, the pattern gets revealed when I control the way they fall/
in a past life I seen the Earth evolve so I can safely say it’s deeper than everything that I saw/
ain’t no telling what’s in store when, Mic hits record, making sure it’s never forced, yo/
sometimes reclusive with the truth so I’m never losing the source, Timberland boots bringing the revolution to your door/
iron microphone melodic, tone flown home straight from Rome and sent to the Great Unknown/
take my space in these ancient zones and have the stars spell my name/
write the intangible symphonies with guitars made of flame and the/

bass and the kick and the snare and the high hat, combined with fly raps/
got me looking down trying to find where the sky at, the clouds under my feet, a loud thunderous beat/
the crowd’s out of they seats, double 3’s boy that proud number is me, a flower under the streets/
I rose to the top of the asphalt to blast off and hit em with the speed and precision of a fast ball/
hold my position in this overgrown prison; home alone, wrote poems make the comatose listen/
horizon so below my vision, never sober though I’m twisted off the homegrown prescription/
pull the wool from over your eyes to expose the signs and show the whole globe how my soul’s vocalized/
most of my, poetry in motion smooth I moisturize in lotions of the open skies/

never forget the slogan “Keep the culture alive” and put the snakes and them vultures aside/
the formula basic, but never underestimate the matrix/
same faces, appearing in different places/
fall back and meditate, use my mind’s powers to levitate bricks and make mountains out of sandpits/
so when the Mothership gets abandoned, I’ll still be there standing with both feet planted/
most definite, flow so heaven sent, birds eye view like a Go-Pro veteran/
check the predicate, been handing out medicine since Jesus walked around the towns of Nazareth and Bethlehem/
*****AND THAT’S IT*****

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