DJ Laz Finally Talks About Tragic Boat Accident (Video)


It’s been a tough couple of months for the 43-year-old DJ who was involved in a tragic accident last May. He was at the helm of a boat that fatally slashed a young man who was trying to help free it from a sandbar. In litigation now, Laz cannot discuss specifics about the accident but did reflect on that horrible day.

“At the end of the day it’s the worst possible thing that could ever happen,” said DJ Laz. “I’m a Dad, I’m a brother and my heart goes out to the family and I wish I can speak to the family. I did reach out but now with attorneys involved and litigation nothing can be said but it is the worst thing that’s ever happened so far.”
Laz said the idea of coming back to the radio, back to his listeners, is what has pulled him through the tough time. It’s a job he loves and does not take for granted.
“Thank God I’ve been fortunate all these years to be able to connect and I’m back in Miami, the city I love—this is it, I’m smarter” he said. “When you go through things in life, you see whose there for real whose there for fluff. You realize whose there for the day to day grind. It puts your life in perspective. You learn.”
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