NikkiJoMazing Interviews BSC (Beautiful Struggle Crew)!

nikkijomazing bsc x x x bring you NIKKIJOMAZING, a weekly hip-hop show brought to you by these four strong women in the hip-hop community. I’d like to affectionately label this episode the “Red Solo Cup Edition”!!! It is a party when NikkiJoMazing and BSC (Beautiful Struggle Crew) get together! Being ladies who love Hip Hop, it was only right we bring you another exclusive interview with one of Miami’s BEST. BSC (Beautiful Struggle Crew) is a hip-hop group established in Miami, but influenced and inspired by many different cities. Get to know each of the group’s members and learn what makes them stand out as creative and original talent. We discuss their current projects “Life As We Know It” LP & “And Here We Stand Tall” LP. We discuss how it is to work with the talented Young Wild Panda, upcoming events and performances, as well as current projects. Tune in every Monday for a new episode of NikkiJoMazing. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on twitter @NikkiJoMazing.