Cassidy Fires Bars at Dizaster & Others in “Mr. Chicken” (audio)


Cassidy is taking his upcoming December 6th battle vs. Dizaster very seriously, and to let everyone know just how prepared he’ll be, he dropped this new track “Mr. Chicken,” where he spewed out bars aimed at Diz and other battlers. Cassidy dropped Goodz name in the song, stating that he killed him before, and he plans on doing the same to Dizaster when they step into the lyrical ring together.
He touched on points such as the high financial sum that he was given for this one battle, meanwhile there are dozens of other battlers who can’t even get a check for $20K to step in the ring. Cass also addressed the doubt that everyone has on his ability to compete with Dizaster lyrically, and how he really shouldn’t be considered as the “underdog in this battle.”