YACHT LIFE! (Young. Ambitious. Creative. High-standards. Talented. Lifestyle.)

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Who is… D. TUCKER? He is a Miami MC who is trend setting, ambitious and unique. D. Tucker is his own brand. He is a gifted photographer with a flair and passion for nautical works of art. He has a site where he blogs, promotes his music (as well as other artists) and sells some seriously creative merch. D. Tucker is also the originator of the YACHT LIFE lifestyle. GTPS invites you to take a glimpse into the diverse and artistic world of the man behind the brand… Dwayne Tucker.


What are you currently working on muscially?

I’ve been working on my new project for about a year now. My previous projects, “Somewhat Good Is Okay Volume 1.”, “SGIOV2”, and “Portfolio Day”, were me experimenting to find the flows that I’m capable of, to explore the direction of the sound that I want to put out; they were like an artist development project. With my newer project(s), I spent more time listening to my instrumentals, I worked with a few engineers in the process, who taught me what to listen for in the instruments that will make a huge difference when the listener feels.

What is the message you try to bring to your audience?

Everything will be okay.

You are also passionate about photography. Does that play a significant role in your musical direction?

There were many ups and downs before finding my style in photography, learning my secret weapons. There was a lot of doing, something similar to creating my first few projects in music…you keep doing then something magical happens that you F with. As a creative having experienced success through my photography, the codes for music are similar so it keeps me going and growing you know…

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Why nautical themed?

I coined the acronym “YACHTLIFE”, which stands for: Young. Ambitious. Creative. High-standards. Talented. Lifestyle. I grew up in Nassau, Bahamas. Being there and in Miami, Florida I’ve always been around the water, and have grew a huge appreciation for the ocean… it’s just YACHTLIFE love to the world.

D Tucker


All Photos By: D. TUCKER
Music, Nautical Art & Accessories available for purchase at dwaynetucker.com!