SPNDA and Rah Intelligence “Light Skinned”

spnda light skinned

First of all let me say, SPNDA has the best album cover art… EVER. Second, Boston is once again in the buildin’. The creative SPNDA and Rah Intelligence (of Retrospek) collab to bring us the “Light Skinned” album. It includes 11 tracks which feature: REKS, Dua of Bad Rabbits and fellow Retrospek MC JuneLyfe. Why call the album Light Skinned??

“The obvious answer is because I’m light skinned, but it’s more or less taking what used to be an insult or name I was called — I have literally had my name reduced to “lightskin” at one point in time — and putting my own spin on it. This is a joke that has been consistent in my life. There are many times I have faced being stereotyped and prejudged for being the light skinned guy before getting the chance to express myself or my own identity. This project is about that and the broader way we judge each other. It was a way to fight off the stigma of the light skin guy and “make light” of the whole idea that you can know what someone is like or has been through because of how they look.” – SPNDA


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