Jordan 11 Release : How Not To Act On Camera Toledo (OH) News, Weather and Sports

Now for about the last 8 years or so, the Air Jordan 11 release for December, brings sometimes those who’ve we in the sneaker community labeled that “H” letter word. You know the ones that managed to score a pair, only to sound like they know about the release, but nothing of the history. This year, no exception. This one taking place on live TV, courtesy of Ohio’s ABC 13. Earlier in the past week, there was that big commotion about the way in which security pepper spray and mace were used. With the release,came more security this time around. In the video above, you see that as the reporter is really trying to get to the story from before, the new owner of the 11s is more concerned with licking his “icy gum bottoms”…… bruh


No as far 2 cents go, these are the types of people that post ridiculous views that are clearly over their head. For starters, these extremely long lines and crazy crowds have never been the norm. All this having to camp out for every general release only started in the last few years. I myself, a sneaker-connoisseur (if you must place labels), remember a time when I could wait to end of work shift to pick up a pair of anything. So clearly, this guy has no idea, or maybe he’d rather wait in line for his iPhone and/or black Friday deal. Now for the video below. This guy again, manages to make it about “Black People” only thing. Ok, hold up. I am of Latino descent, been buying, trading, and collecting sneakers in general (not just Jordans), for about 17 years. Through all that, It’s still a hobby for me. Yes, the people in the clips are black, but you can’t assume everyone camped out there was.Yes, some people sound like idiots on camera, but again we sneakerheads are not mad at the hypebeasts (there’s that “H” word) or haters. We keep feeding into the hype sometimes, but it’s always been. Side note: they are not one of a kind and they will restock a few times, so if you don’t get them don’t worry. All that said, how did you sneak in the bible talk in your speech, it’s crazy. You can’t blame Jordan or Nike though because they are just doing business as usual. It’s the people that think they HAVE TO HAVE these shoes to fit in and get gain acceptance from on social media. Next item, Jordan on black issues. Well he did recently issued a statement, about the Donald Sterling situation. I do believe that he felt stabbed through the heart worse, only because he thought they were close. So you know where MJ stands in racism. …. bruuuuuuuuuh ……. CD Spitz