Constant Deviants – “Avant Garde” (Album Review)

constant deviants

The term “Avant Garde” is used to express new, unusual or experimental ideas. No one applies this concept more to the game of hip hop than the Constant Deviants. Since the mid 90’s, the dynamic duo of rapper M.I. and producer DJ Cutt have been mastering the art of joint DJ and freestyle sessions. The pair has created three albums to date and has released numerous videos gaining the respect of true hip hop connoisseurs. Since 1998, Constant Deviants have paved their own road to success building and engineering for greats such as: Memphis Bleek, N.O.R.E. and Beenie Sigel. It’s been non-stop progression since then with M.I. and DJ Cutt establishing the independent label, Six2Six Records, in 2006. They are dedicated to the essence of golden era, preserving the art of hip hop while remaining fearless competitors immune to superficial trends. Listen to a Constant Deviants album and you will be reminded why the combination of smooth turntablism and strong wordplay is the ultimate classic recipe.

Constant Deviants are prepared for their fourth album release, “Avant Garde”. The project is a significant and introspective representation of both DJ Cutt and M.I.’s experiences within the music industry. DJ Cutt provides a creative back drop to M.I.’s story with funky beats infused with rare sample selections, flips, blends and scratchin’ on tracks like “End All Be All”, “You Know What”, “Whatever You Call It”, “Machine Gun” and “The Right Moment”. From cover to cover, M.I. unravels each thread of his story from fake friends, gold diggin’ women and material wealth on songs like “Standards” to the temptations of lust on “Which One” to his epiphanies and overcoming adversity on songs like “Breathin” and “I’m With It”. My favorite songs include “Whatever You Call It” because of the horn heavy, jazzy eclectic vibe and the last track “M’s 4 Milleniums” where M.I. flexes his street poetry skills, spits and twists almost every noun, adjective, verb and metaphor in the English dictionary beginning with the letter “M”. Although most DJ/MC collaborations might feel overwhelmed by the idea of putting together a project that is as uniquely artistic as it is relevant and timeless, this is not the case with Constant Deviants… or to put it quite simply in the words of M.I. “It aint hard, this is Avant Garde“.

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