Detailed Look at The Nike Sportswear “Sharpie” Pack

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From an idea inspired by the beetle. No… not the Volkswagen, but the little annoyances that wander around your swimming pool, were actually part of the inspiration for the Foamposite’s aerodynamic features and shape. As legend has it, designer Eric Avar didn’t design the Foamposite with Penny Hardaway in mind. According to sneaker lore and stories, it was originally intended for Scottie Pippen (no word on whether it then would have been called the “Foamposite 33”). During a meeting with Penny, Avar was showing him all the options that he could have in a sneaker but nothing seem to catch his eye. Then as Avar was putting away everything that he brought for Hardaway to see, one of the Foamposite fell out of Avar’s bag, and then Pippen never saw the sneakers. There’s also a reason for the “Sharpie” edition as well. During those days, shoes with too much color were not really approved to be worn on the court. The NBA said specifically, in Penny’s case, that the colorway wasn’t fit for the court because it didn’t have enough black to coincide with Penny’s Orlando Magic uniform. Penny did what any determined sneakerhead would do, and busted out the Sharpie to fix the problem. These are set to release on July 4th for $500.

Good luck and good hunting – CD Spitz

images via: Kicks Crew

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