GREY SWEATPANTS – Help Me Please ! ( Prod Quazar Makeinu )

GREY SWEATPANTS Help Me Please ! ( Prod Quazar Makeinu )


Another standout track that was played for me when I went to visit Chachi in Los Angeles back in March was “Help Me Please”. A song that ended up gaining so much more significance a month later. The song was yet another attempt at Chachi perfectly balancing fun energetic raps along with socially aware & conscious lyrics. The verses themselves are light hearted witty raps about some of Chachi’s day to day experiences with some female companions. But the hook is what really steals the shows as Chachi touches on the sensitive and ever so prevalent topic of police brutality. “At the time it was just on my mind, it wasn’t about making a song about police brutality ya digg? But as a young black man one thing that is always on my mind is “I hope I don’t get shot by the police” nahmean, forreal ! Ive had a lot of bad experiences with police in my lifetime to the point where I’m just paranoid even being around a cop now whether I’m doing something wrong or not because your powerless against them”. A month later in Chachi’s hometown of Baltimore, unarmed Freddie Gray was killed by the police, sparking national uproar and riots in the city where he grew up. “Man when shit was going down it was so much for me to take in being all the way across the country living this amazing ass life , recording in nice studios, and going to exclusive mansion parties and all that bullshit but at the same time my people back home were hurting. That was a lot to wrap my mind around not to mention the fact I was in the middle of a trip when shit sparked off. Like word is bond yo, i was actually on shrooms having the most amazing time that day and then I got that call from moms and it just threw my whole trip off. I ended up watching the news for the rest of the day with tears in my eyes yo, real nigga shit”

– W.W.