I Self Devine – Sizzle [ANT 4-TRACK DEMO]

i self devine


When making an album, sometimes an artist may be trying to capture a certain vibe, or perhaps there’s a particular emotion they were feeling throughout that creative period. This often results in the artist finding themselves with a few songs that all convey a similar message and/or sound. That was the case with “Sizzle”. As the final version of the album was coming together, I Self found that other tracks captured the same emotion in a way that worked better for the album, even though “Sizzle” was a great song in its own right. This song never made it past the home demo stage. Produced by ANT, the beat has a slow, prodding, almost sneaky feel to it, providing the perfect foundation for I Self to discuss his thoughts on how people in the community can organize to move forward.

Accompanying Photo: Along with being a family man, community organizer, accomplished lyricist, and visual artist, I Self Devine is also known for his keen ear for music and specifically for digging in the crates to help cook up some of the soulful and hard-hitting beats that he has rhymed on. In the accompanying photo, he is at his place in 2005, searching the stacks, looking for the perfect beat. Photo By Skye Rossi.