GTPS PREMIERE: Celso x EarthGang “We On It”


We at GTPS don’t normally need a reason to indulge in a little afternoon funk but we will say that Celso’s new joint with Atlanta duo, EarthGang, is complimentary with a smoke or a brew… or two. Even if you opt out of the recreational enhancements, this is that classic hip hop flavor that is guaranteed to make you feel good. GLD MND Music’s, Mydus (Producer) and Celso have already delivered on music that is reminiscent of good times and great memories in singles/videos such as “Gemini”. “We On It” is the third single off of the Miami artist’s upcoming album, ‘Gemini’. If you are a fan of golden era inspiration that reminds you that lyrics can be fun… then you came to the right party. These three solid emcees aren’t preaching about “the lifestyle” but just on the styles of livin’! (Ya, dig?) This is that hip hop that you listen to at a BBQ with the homies or even just cruising around town dolo. After all, music is indeed one hell-of-a-drug all by itself. Why not get “on it”?

Make sure to stay tuned for the release of the full project set to drop on December 15th. Along with EarthGang, the album will also include contributions by greats such as Skyzoo and Jean P The Mc.