GTPS catches up with Miami Rapper/Producer, AYNT, on the drop of his latest project “21 Summers”. We discuss the making of and concept behind “21 Summers”, AYNT’s unique musical inspirations and upcoming releases.

GTPS: Tell us about the concept behind the title “21 Summers”.

AYNT: It’s complicated to capture all of the growth in my life during the start and close point of this record. I actually scrapped what was initially supposed to be my first album “No Connection (2012)” because even then I felt I might of been too young to properly express what was really going on in my life. This album is heavily filled with content pertaining to the exact points in my life which have effected me both positively and negatively and considering that I also produced all the records, its almost like DNA on live stream.

From my perspective, I still feel like there’s way more growth to be shown in my music and this record was supposed to had dropped last summer. But it took this time to assure that I could draw closure and give the people a honest but original product. I did not rearrange or change any song pertaining to its original idea since before it was pushed back. And you can say its a review of my state of mind since I hit my “21st Summer”.

What producers, artists, genres or eras of music influence you?

At this point in time I can’t tell you what exactly influences me musically. I’m the type of person who can be stuck on a Stevie Wonder LP from 76′ for two months straight and drive people nuts. Not even to sample, just to enjoy. I can say I was absorbing my favorite elements of hip-hop music and comparing it to other eras to find mediums and original niches, but I might get lost trying to explain how my brain works.

Really, I just want to be identifiable and true to my sounds and feels with just being relatable and original. Once I find something I love about music in general from wherever it comes,
I try to advance in my music.


How do you personally feel your sound has progressed over the years to what it is today?

I started making music at an early age. Rapping since 12, Producing since 14. And at that time it was all about being the best rapper in the world. I was in a group of 13 when I was selling my first mixtape off my backpack as a freshman in high school (Heroes For Hire. Vol 1). And the tape was just about high energy and out rapping every single artist we can consider an influence to us as early hip hop artist.
That type of attitude/ motivation – to be the best – I consider it to be a “training” of my skill and talent.

I finally said, “Fuck trying to be the best rapper or producer, I want to be the most ..something else”. At that point all I can think about was finding the best version of myself. So this record “21 Summers” is the ultimate challenge to make that a reality.

Are you performing at any upcoming events? Do you have any other collabs or projects in the works?

Yes, two members of the JTC (HollaRox, Marques McCoy) are getting ready for their releases as well. I’m working with the crew for new JTC releases. Also, the MIANIMALS camp is always working.

Outside of the camp I have a lot of work I’m doing for QOQ records… S/O to Top & Protoge’! And many more…

As far as performances you can follow /check any of these accounts for updates: