Punchlline & Fokis “Beware”


Lower East Side natives Punchline & Fokis released their The Appetizer EP. The project was released via 2Dopeboyz, KevinNottingham and HipHopGame– with each site posting a different version of the EP. Eventually all three versions were consolidated into one and became a full 10 song album. The album was received well and generated plenty of talk without one video ever being released, until now.Fast forward six years later and the duo decided to shoot a video for the single “Beware.” Directed by Eye Grustle Films, the video is a take on a 1950’s classic horror film. “I called Punchline up one day and said to him, yo I came up with a dope idea. We should shoot a video for Beware, he heard the concept and said lets do it.” – says Fokis. Shot in what appears to be a forest, the video is filled with dark horror and humor at the same time, very entertaining to say the least.