Lex One Reveals the Path to a Gold Plaque

lex one gold plaque

Lex One shares the ups and downs, belief and doubt, success and failure after going from an Overnight Celebrity to Average Joe.  Created across two countries, three states and over ten cities, Gold Plaque symbolically reflects Lex’s path through life and music.  This is the culmination of four years of dedication to the perfection of one’s craft.

Gold Plaque begins with Lex One humbly accepting his solitary pursuit over ascending instrumentation on “Walk Alone”.  Bass heavy, “Ima Beast” acknowledges the artist’s need for physical and mental endurance while accompanied by fellow GTPS lyricist, Prof$t.  The lyrics interpret hardships like failed relationships while hypnotizing listeners with infectious hooks on “I’m Sorry” and “Let’s Get Lost” featuring Hellz Poet.  Lex consistently pays homage to the GTPS movement with “GTPS Anthem” featuring Lyve Kaos, Pr$fit, Mega, Mike Beatz and Lazee.

The production throughout Gold Plaque truly reflects Lex One’s appreciation for many genres of music.  It is a refreshing detour from the Mainstream.  Moments of electronic influences can be instantly followed up with live instruments or back to back freestyles.  This album is for the Artists and Fans who have ever dreamed of achieving something that once seemed impossible.

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