GTPS PREMIERE: Happy Thoughts “Tic Toc” (Prod. Black Ceaser)


After several years touring together, Rapper/Producer Dope KNife and MC/Illustrator Miggs Son Daddy come together to create a “hip-hop opera” themed body of work on ‘Happy Thoughts’. The duo decides to combine their individual styles and convert an original script for a comic book into an artistically transcendent experience. Each heavily lyrical in their own right, the MC’s take their intricate theories and write a new chapter in the art of story telling. Consider this your Audio Book for higher Hip Hop consciousness. ‘Tic Toc’ is the first single off of the project and features production by Black Ceaser. The track gives the listeners a taste of ‘Happy Thoughts’ dark and menacing appeal.

No one knows how long this place has been here. Some of its inhabitants are new arrivals, some have been here for years, and to a select few, this place is all they’ve ever known. You are about to enter a world of deception, desperation and depravity. Where danger lurks around every corner. Don’t be fooled by the sky because here, everyone has a motive. Close your eyes and think Happy Thoughts. – Dope KNife

‘Happy Thoughts’ is scheduled to drop April 20, 2016 by Dope Sandwich Records & Tapes and will be available on The project will feature Ceschi Ramos, Mikal kHill, DT and Allone with production by Freak Tha Monsta, Black Ceaser, Carmello and Keith Williams.