Feeki – Same Ole (Official Music Video)

Feeki - Same Ole

This year’s presidential election has been a wild ride so far and Feeki’s new video is a metaphor representing just that. Although Donald Trump hasn’t thrown a baby and Hillary Clinton doesn’t do cocaine, the idea doesn’t seem too far off. Feeki plays three different characters in “Same Ole” all while laying down three strong verses and a catchy hook. He has embraced his mullet and style so most people are confused when you find out how good he is at rapping.

Feeki is a 24-year-old independent artist from Reno, Nevada. He started making hip-hop at the age of 19 after being motivated to achieve greatness in life, and seeing some relatable artists on YouTube. He believes deeply in the old-school American dream: work hard for what you want and don’t let anyone determine your destiny, a message that can be found routinely in his music and image. In the past five years, Feeki has used internet marketing and artist branding to become Reno’s most popular hip-hop artist while growing a global online fan base.