Lex One – Lets Get Lost ft. Hellz Poet

hellz poet GTPs
Over the years, Miami-based renaissance man Lex One has proven that he’s not afraid to color outside the lines of Hip-Hop, as he often seamlessly integrates other genres into his sound. And on his latest single, “Let’s Get Lost,” he does exactly that by injecting the track with an infectious, electronic bounce.

The track was crafted alongside the artist Hellz Poet, who provides the addictive hook and helped co-produced the bright and skillfully layered instrumental. Clearly, the two have a talent for collaborating, because Hellz’ sing-along chorus glides smoothly into Lex’s opening verse. And it’s there where the multi-talented Floridian digs into the song’s concept of embracing the moment, particularly when it comes to relationships.

“Let’s Get Lost” and its two vocalists work as perfect complements to one another; Lex is all about action (aka sex anytime and anywhere) while Hellz wants the love interest to know that she is, in fact, loved. It’s an interesting dynamic for sure, and one that’ll hopefully lend itself to more collaborations between these two in the near future.

“Let’s Get Lost” is now available for stream, and is available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms, via GTPS Music.

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